Hi. ✌🏻

I’ve been creative directing since I was 4 years old (my lemonade stand saw a 300000% increase in sales after I created a super compelling outdoor campaign on an extremely tight budget). From there, I went on to work with brands you most definitely have in your house right now—and I eventually expanded my portfolio beyond poster board and glitter to things like digital, broadcast, print, social, content partnerships, produce development, UI design, experiential, package design, in-store, illustration, and stuff I can’t even categorize.

As a creative director (officially), I not only get to confuse my parents even MORE about what I do, but I have the pleasure to lead and represent a gaggle of talented people  as well as collaborate with other cool cats who know all kinds of things (like spreadsheets!). 

Plus, I'm married to a commercial photographer. So even though I'm a copywriter by trade, I am no stranger to art direction and being the occasional first assistant on set (fine, I did that once). Oh also, and I honestly don't know how they allow me to do this, I teach.  Adjunct profess, if you will. At a real school and everything! All joking aside, mentorship is incredibly important to me. 

People that kind of like me are the Cannes Lions, the One Show, the Effies, the American Advertising Federation, the Webbys, the ADC, Women's Wear Daily (Digital Innovator Of The Year), AIGA, Best Ads on TV, the IAC, Facebook Studio, Ad Week, the Clios and the residents of Donegal Cliffs Drive (for real, that lemonade stand was fiiiiirrre).

P.S. This is a collection of work that is near and dear to my heart. Contact me if you'd like to see more or something specific.

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