Candy candy candy!

One of my main responsibilities as a writer at Hallmark was concepting and naming the seasonal candies (yes it's a real job, Mom). For each major holiday, we thought of a new theme to carry throughout every sugary morsel. 

For example, we didn't just sell jelly beans for Halloween. They were The Bearded Witch's Cursed Beans. And there wasn't just another mint chocolate bar. It was The Two-Headed Cat's Mutant Mint Bar. And yes, I tried everything. Twice. 

Gift Presentations Then

I also lead the rebrand for the entire "gift presentations" line--that's Hallmark speak for wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows, and anything else to make presents pretty. This is what it looked like before. 

Gift Presentations Now

Ta da! We wanted such a fun product to actually look...fun! So we went with the theme "_____ It." Wrap it, fluff it, bow it, tag it, And we added complimentary colors to really make things look like a party. 

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