Six Degrees To Tennessee

Tennessee is the Soundtrack Of America--seven genres of music call the state home. So, we wanted to prove that with such deep musical roots, it's possible to connect any band or artist back to Tennessee in six degrees or less. You can play with it here. 

Using multiple data points and manual entry, we were about the create a custom search engine that recognizes artist and band names and connects them to specific places in Tennessee you can visit. The experience then drives you to a deeper experience where you can learn more about the destination and add it to an itinerary for your trip to Tennessee.  

The Six Degrees To Tennessee Roots Jam

We launched our tool with a concert featuring The Roots + special guests--all who sang one song of their own and then one song by a Tennessee artist they were connected to. 

Photos via an influencer partnership.


Content Partnership

The search tool is housed on Rolling Stone and included a content partnership in which we used data and insights to pull some of the most relevant artists at the time and write more in-depth stories on connections to Tennessee and place contextual advertising within the content. 

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